We do not  know when, what or who is contacting us -  we only know we are being contacted through our numbers.

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Emails posted!   collects stories from people around the world who are experiencing  a recurring numbers phenomena.

We are intricately involved in this phenomena research, and as authors of this website, we also
have recurring numbers phenomena in our own lives.

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A number is an abstract idea used in counting and measuring. A symbol which represents a number is called a numeral, but in common
usage the word number is used for both the idea and the symbol. Numbers can be classified into sets, called number systems.  Also,
natural, integers, real, irrational, rational, negative, complex, prime, transcendental, superreal, hyperreal, surreal, imaginary, etc., are
all used to describe and refer to

The subject matter of numbers is so deep and wide in human history that it includes almost all thought processes in philosophy, physics,
sciences, hypotheses' and concepts.  The idea that "math is "conceptual" could not be a truer statement! 

From ancient times, numbers have evolved in every society and their shape and value has changed up until we entered the modern era
of mathematics.   Seeing numbers could very well have started with one single event in your life and now runs parallel with your life as
you continue to see recurring numbers. 

The quote Einstein on "mathematics" is rather apropos.  Its what "reality" we are experiencing that concerns Numbers Phenomena
Research as far as "numbers" are concerned.  We want to find out  how far reaching this phenomena is world wide and to
gather stories so we can draw upon facts and properly analyze the roots of the phenomena.  "Reality is created by the numbers -
it's all geometry and follows patterns that repeat in cycles called . . .time."

You are not alone!  People from all over the world are experiencing this phenomena!

Our research is concerned with the phenomena that occurs to individuals when a "trigger" - an "event"  precipitates an individual
to begin
seeing recurring numbers in a unique succession or order , one that "recurs" in the course of their everyday lives, in diverse
places at diverse times and  unsolicited.  This phenomena  is unexplainable at the present time.  However, our research endeavors
to ascertain the origins or meanings and at the very least propose a "hypothesis" of why this phenomena happens, to whom,
where and draw parallels and similarities. We searching for "common denominators".   Perhaps, the most obvious "common
denominator" is the fact that we experience the phenomena of seeing recurring numbers!  Is there more?

We are committed to discovering as much as we can about this diverse and unsolicited phenomena of seeing recurring numbers. To
encourage your help,  you can conduct your own research by searching on various subjects.  Please email us back with any findings
you believe would help our research,  we would greatly appreciate your assistance! 

Our website collects the stories of people worldwide that the phenomena of recurring numbers are experienced in their lives!    If
you know anyone who has this phenomena, please ask them to send us their story, they do not have to use their real names and
can remain anonymous.  You will want to read stories from others that have the experience of recurring numbers! 

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